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Citing "USA Competition" Conspiracy, Boris and Diane Martinovich Threaten Legal Action

Yesterday, Middleclass Artist posted an investigative piece on the Online Classical Voice Competition Boris Martinovich, a website that listed at least nine singers among its "contestants" that did not apply. The website posted their bios, headshots, and edited singing videos with the competition logo added, all without consulting those singers.

In response to the article exposing the "scam" competition, not only did the Martinoviches deny the claim of falsely entered contestants, but Boris and Diane Martinovich have accused Middleclass Artist of being part of a "USA Competition" conspiracy, as a "plot to get them".

After one singer posted the article in the competition's private Facebook group, Diane Martinovich responded as follows in two messages, one personal and one to the group:

"Dear Brianna,yesterday someone from the USA hacked our web-page adn we have received 3 very disturbing emails cooming at the same time from people who are alal connected to the same University in the USA and at the same time having their own vocal competition as well. They tried to blocked our web-page and destroyed competition. why? I do not know. This statement here is fals claim. Every contestant who applied is real. And people who are posting these things are going to have legal consequences.We have doubts this is some kind of plot against me nad my husband. why?We really do not know. Our contestants are here in this group and very real. We have NO SCAM Contestants! And you can check it by watching the final round online."

"Dear All,

Yesterday, International Voice Competition Boris Martinovich web-page was hacked. The whole day long we are receiveing very disturbing emails ,like this one I am posting within my post. There are also fals claims about our competition that someone is posting online. I would like to inform you that the whole case is reported to the police and FB. At the same time,the group of people who is posting these posts are disabled us to make any kind of comment on the posts they are posting. It seems that this is a work of very depressing ,agressive and patetic people. It is a plot against me and my husband and democracy and artistic freedom! And they will respond legaly for this."

Boris Martinovich reached out personally to another singer who posted the Middleclass Artist article to the same Facebook group. After friending the singer, Boris sent them the following message, again referencing a "USA competition" spreading "lies" and threatening legal action:

"Who are you? Are you also part of the USA Competition bang who is sending spam emails about my competition all around the FB? Maybe you would like to know that your friend who posted it will be lagly charged for spreding scam and lies about the competition. You and your other "friends" will be charged too"

Boris and Diane Martinovich still have not responded to Middleclass Artist's findings and answered the question, why did at least nine singers appear on the competition website with doctored materials as "contestants" who did not apply to their competition?

More to follow as the story develops.



Zach Finkelstein is a professional classical tenor soloist, a senior marketing manager at a public opinion research and strategy firm, and the editor and founder of

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