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Tacoma Opera Supports Its Artists. But the Company Needs Your Help.

Tacoma Opera, a regional presenter in Washington State, was forced to cancel its Spring production of Gilbert and Sullivan’s Iolanthe. The company moved Iolanthe to the Fall and, in the interim, plans to pay its artists a down-payment “stipend” on their artist fees through the ‘Tacoma Opera Artist Fund’.

At least one artist was grateful for the offer and praised Tacoma Opera’s clear communication leading up to the announced postponement.

The fundraiser launched on April 3rd, and Tacoma Opera confirms 100% of funds raised will go directly to artists and production personnel. In the past week, they have raised $4,000, with a goal of $20,000 by May 31st.

General Director Noel Koran told Middleclass Artist, “we believe strongly in helping out the artists, musicians, and production personnel in the industry, since they are the ones bearing the brunt of this current crisis and hurting the most.”

Tacoma Opera’s public request focuses on the artists affected by COVID-19:

“Let’s show the people that work so hard for so little, that bring us joy, making us laugh and sometimes cry, that we care about them. Let’s make sure they know that we have not forgotten them.”

Tacoma Opera is a local company that hires many friends of Middleclass Artist, and it needs your help.

To donate directly to the Tacoma Opera Artist Fund, visit their website here.


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